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Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night, I can see paradise by the dash board light. [Girl in her 16th spring of what is called "Life", Human (as far as I can tell !), writer, Cold Blooded, Giving up on people in my life is a thing I enjoy doing, being alone is one of my most-sacred-everyday-routine, I rarely speak and I don't like to be part of the outside community, hypocrisy is my worst enemy, Books had never failed with entertaining me .. like NEVER .. not even once !, and one last thing .. most of my personality is hidden from everyone (even from me sometimes !) so don't judge me from my posts because they don't represent the complete 'me' .. and I guess that's it.

seen through blurry eyes~

P.S I hate my family my sis and even my life probably. . Wait! No !! even my life DEFINITELY !!!

I passed so much time studying how people acted with each other to be like them that i ended up forgetting who i really was.
—Asmaa Siouda (via anorexia-honey)

it’s just painful trying to know and build yourself from the very beginning when you feel that you already lived like quarter of your life and you start to feel that it’s too late but you keep pushing on yourself trying which makes you struggle more„


I know the names of video game characters of games i’ve never played



People who understand you have a busy life and will patiently wait for replies (◕‿◕✿)

People who understand you’re a lazy ass piece of shit and will patiently wait for replies (◕‿◕✿)

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